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About Us


Thanks for your interest in Stadium Postcards!

I've been in the hobby of buying, selling, and trading stadium postcards since 1985.  In May of that year, on a road trip from Salt Lake City to my parents house in Laurel, Maryland, on our way east on I-70 we drove past the Harry S. Truman Sports Complex where the Kansas City Royals were playing a night game.  What a site for a sports fan to see!  The stadium was filled to capacity, all lit-up, fountains exploding as if the Royals had just hit one out of the park , and a partially lit Arrowhead Stadium sat looming in the background.  The view only lasted a minute or so and most of that was in my rear-view mirror, but the memory lives on!  If you've ever been there you know what I'm talking about. The Kansas City stadiums are still awesome today as they were the day they were built!  Down the road a bit we stopped for gas and that's where I seen my first stadium postcard of those two stadiums I just saw about an hour before.  I still have that original postcard I purchased.  It's the common KC-S305 standard chrome.  mo-kansascity-kauffmann-stadium-arrowhead-stadium-chr-kc-s305-941050.jpg

Over the next 10 years or so I found myself buying stadium postcards every time we went on a trip.  During those trips I was fortunate to see games at some historic ballparks, including Chicago's old Comiskey Park, Wrigley Field, Baltimore's Memorial Stadium, Mile High Stadium, Astrodome, Superdome, and Kingdome just to name a few.  In every case I made it a priority to search the racks for stadium postcards, and after 10 years I probably had a collection reaching 100 different or so, all neatly arranged in a few frames and single photo album. office.jpg

And then came the internet!  In 1998 I stumbled onto eBay.  I remember typing in the key word search "stadium postcard" and could not believe the results..........dozens of stadium postcard collector's and 100's of stadium postcards for sale & trade!  There were old ones, new ones, expensive ones, and cheaper ones.  Who would have thought that there were so many people collecting postcards specifically showing stadiums?  Now over 35 years after buying that first Kansas City postcard my collection has grown from a handful of postcards in a photo album to over 15,000 stored in custom sleeves, albums, and file cabinets. dupes.jpg

Throughout the years I've personally met and traded with 100s of collectors from all over the world, and 100's of others that I've never met but consider friends.  Several of these collector friends are in collaboration with me on this web site, I couldn't do it without them!  Working together we strive to have the largest selection on the web today!!

You know if you're reading this that our hobby is an addiction.  Once you get one you want another, and then another, and another.  Hopefully that postcard you're looking for is here! 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy browsing! 

Scott Ward