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London Series 12 Limited Print Postcards (D. Alford)


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29-30 JUNE 2019
Limited printing, 12 - 5x7 jumbo postcard set photographed and produced by longtime baseball enthusiast and stadium postcard collector, Doug Alford.  Doug caught some incredible images from the historical weekend series, including the walk up to the stadium, team introductions, player at bats and the first U.K. home run by the Yankees, Aaron Hicks.
Cards are very limited and produced for postcard hobbyists.  Not intended for commercial sale.
The MLB London Series is a two-year arrangement for Major League Baseball (MLB) to play a total of four regular season games at London Stadium in London, United Kingdom, in 2019 and 2020.
The first games were played on June 29–30, 2019, with the Boston Red Sox hosting two games against the New York Yankees. The second set of games are scheduled for June 13–14, 2020, when the St. Louis Cardinals will host two games against the Chicago Cubs.
Locating a venue with the correct dimensions required for a baseball field was difficult, especially as the majority of stadiums in the London region are primarily designed for association football. MLB officials had evaluated multiple options (including cricket fields such as The Oval), before finalizing London Stadium as the site. The facility was originally constructed for the 2012 Summer Olympics; in late-2015, it was reported that MLB officials had measured the stadium's dimensions and considered it potentially suitable for baseball, and had negotiated the possibility of holding games there.
MLB developed a plan to adapt London Stadium for the games to make it resemble an MLB ballpark, via installation of a new baseball field as an overlay on top of the stadium's existing running track and soccer pitch, with a seating configuration to emulate the more "intimate" layout and fan experiences of MLB ballparks. Materials to construct the playing surface include approximately 142,000 square feet (13,200 m2) of FieldTurf, and clay for the pitcher's mound and home plate area sourced from Pennsylvania. As the facility's locker rooms are smaller and suited towards soccer, larger, MLB-style clubhouses were built within the stadium. Dimensions from home plate are posted in feet and meters: 330 feet (100.6 m) to the foul poles and 385 feet (117.4 m) to center field, with a 16-foot (4.9 m) fence. The dimensions have been described as being potentially hitter-friendly. The two points in left center and right center where the temporary fences join the wall in center field area are slightly closer than center, marked as 382 feet (116.4 m). As the roof overhangs the home plate area, there is a ground rule that balls hitting the roof are considered dead.

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